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With DIY sealant applications and inexperienced contractors, incorrectly applied sealant can cause mould or degradation within six months. With Silicone Line this does not happen. As experienced sealant specialists we are also able to remove old silicone and replace it to a high level of workmanship.

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How it works

 Silicone sealant assessment service


We will assess the bathroom or kitchen area that requires sealant application. This may include identifying areas where water or moisture is likely to penetrate, such as around sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers, and countertops.


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Surface Preparation

The specialist will prepare the surfaces that need to be sealed. This typically involves cleaning and removing any existing sealant or caulk, as well as ensuring that the surfaces are dry and free of dirt, debris, and grease. If needed, we may also apply a primer or other surface treatment to ensure optimal adhesion of the sealant.

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Sealant Selection

Based on the specific requirements of the bathroom or kitchen, the sealant specialist will select the appropriate type of sealant for the job. Different types of sealants may be used depending on factors such as the location, materials being sealed, and desired durability.


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We will carefully apply the sealant using appropriate techniques and tools, such as caulking guns or specialized sealant application tools. They will ensure that the sealant is evenly applied and covers the desired areas, leaving no gaps or voids that could allow water or moisture to penetrate. 

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Once the sealant is applied, we use tools to smooth and shape the sealant to create a neat and professional finish. This may involve using a caulk smoothing tool or a putty knife to achieve a smooth, even, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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Cure and Clean-up

The sealant will need time to cure, which typically involves allowing it to dry and set according to the manufacturer's instructions. We will ensure that the sealant is allowed to cure properly before the bathroom or kitchen is used. Any excess or stray sealant will be cleaned up, leaving the work area tidy and ready for use.

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Inspection & Testing

After the sealant has fully cured, the sealant specialist may inspect and test the sealed areas to ensure that there are no leaks and that the sealant is functioning as intended. This may involve checking for signs of water or moisture penetration, performing water tests, or using other appropriate testing methods to verify the effectiveness of the sealant application.






This includes removing and installation



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Who we work with

We work with commercial contractors, private developers, and individual customers, working on dwellings, private housing, and commercial buildings alike. 

Silicone sealant service for Bathrooms